Terms and Conditions



As member of the researcher’s team of the Writers Website you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not wish to comply with these, please do not provide services to the Writers Website.

Parties and definitions

“The company” or “Us”– By the company or us here it is meant New Research Solutions Ltd, Registration Number 8396109

“The expert” – By expert here it is meant the writer/researcher, engaged to provide services for the company

“Order”, “Project” or “Work” – By order, project or work here it is meant any work or assignment, which has been allocated or announced at the job board

1.Allocation and availability of work

1.1 Writers Website shall engage the expert to provide services under these terms of engagement.

1.2 Writers Website is not obliged to allocate the Expert any work, and allocation of orders is determined by availability. There is not a specified amount of orders, which can be obtained by the Expert within a given period of time.

1.3 This Engagement shall be deemed to have commenced on the day the expert has been allocated their first order (Commencement Date) and shall continue unless terminated. In order to terminate the engagement, wither party is obliged to give at least one week notice.

2. Notification for available work

2.1 The Writers Website shall post available orders on its website, and the Expert shall access their account with their individual password and log in details. Available orders can also be distributed manually (via email) and it will be the responsibility of the Expert to regularly check their emails, in order to offer themselves for a specific order.

2.2 The Expert shall NOT begin working on orders, unless they receive a notification email from us that they have been assigned to work on this order. Upon acceptance of the order, the Expert needs to send us a confirmation email that they will begin working on the order. Failure to do so might result in the order being allocated to another expert.

2.3 As a member of the Writers Website researcher team, you may be receiving regular emails advertising available orders. Their purpose is to check your availability to work on the order. Receipt of email with an order specification DOES NOT mean that the order is allocated to you.

3. Acceptance of work

3.1 You should not accept an order unless you are sure that:

You understand the topic and the requirements, and you have access to the resource materials.

You will meet the standards required by the client and set by the Writers Website.

You will supply the completed work on or before the specified deadline. By deadline it is meant the date, specified in the order specification via email, or the date posted on the Job Board of the Writers Website. In case the Expert is hesitant which the final deadline for the order is, they have to contact the Research Support team immediately. 


3.2 If the Expert does not understand the job description or feels that there are inaccuracies and/or missing information, they need to contact the Research Support Team immediately. This rule applies whenever you want to indicate interest in an order, or when an order has already been assigned to you.


3.3 The Writers Website is NOT obliged to provide the resources required for a particular order, unless specified otherwise.  In some cases, where the order requires specific books and/ or other materials which are not readily available, the Expert shall contact us and we will ask the Client to provide these documents

3.4 In some cases, there might be supporting files, which will be forwarded after the order has been allocated to a writer. They will be provided either via email or uploaded in your researcher’s account. In case you cannot access/open the files, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately.

4. Duties of the Expert

4.1 The Expert is obliged to meet the writing and editing standards, set by the Writers Website, and to strictly follow the individual requirements for each individual order. Failure to adhere to the specifics of the order may result in penalties. In case the work is not delivered on time, not delivered at all, orunder the required standard, the Company reserves the right to remove the writer's name from its database. If there is any other outstanding fee which needs to be paid to the expert towards the end of the accounting month, this fee shall be cancelled as well.

4.2 The Expert shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that he is available on reasonable notice to provide assistance or information as the Company may require in relation to the completion of the work assigned.

4.3 The Expert is obliged to provide regular updates and to be available for communication during the completion of the order and throughout the amendments period (for more information check the section on Amendments). Failure to do so will result in penalties.

4.3 In case the Expert is no longer available or able to complete an order, which has been allocated to them, they are obliged to notify the Company on time (at least two days before the final deadline for regular orders and eight hours before the final deadline for urgent orders). Failure to do so will result in a compensation which the Expert needs to pay to the company. The size of this compensation is determined by the Company. The minimum amount is £300. The maximum amount is £5000. Upon the discretion of the company, the writer may also be dismissed (the dismissal will be immediate), without any previous fees paid to them. These will be used to cover the imposed penalties for lateness. Disappearing in the middle of a project, or termination without a reasonable excuse, will result in removing the expert name from the database, and cancellation of all outstanding fees to them, regardless of their size. 

4.4 In case the expert provides work which does not meet the given requirement or is of poor quality, will result in a compensation which the Expert needs to pay to the company. The size of this compensation is determined by the Company. The minimum amount is £300. The maximum amount is £5000. Whether the quality is good and the order requirements are met by the expert, will also be determined by the Company.

5. Completing orders

5.1 In order to complete an order with the Writers Website, you first need to log into your writer’s account. Have a look at the Job board, and if you are interested in any of the available jobs, then press the “Indicate interest” button. As a result, this job will move to your “Jobs I want section”. After several days we will let you know whether this order has been assigned to you. You will receive a confirmation email, saying that you can now begin working on this order. Then the job will move to your “Jobs in progress” section.

Please do not begin working on an order before you have received a confirmation email from us.

5.2 Once you have completed the order, you need to go to the “Jobs in progress” section, click on the respective job, and press “Upload Job” or “Upload draft” button. The first button is used if you are submitting the completed job; the second one is used in case you are asked to provide a draft for revision.

5.3 After you have uploaded the completed assignment, you will receive a confirmation email. Remember, at this stage the job is not considered completed. It will automatically be moved the “Uploaded Jobs” section. This means that it is being reviewed by the Quality Supervisors Team. In most of the cases, you will receive a quality check review, and there is a possibility that the job is returned for amendments. If this is the case, then you will receive an amendment request email, and the job will automatically appear in the “Jobs for amendment” section in your account.

5.3 By accepting to work on an order, you agree to be available for amendments, and to be able to address them within the deadline specified. In case you are not, your entire fee will be transferred to another writer. For more information on our amendment policy, have a look at section 6.

5.4 To submit the amended job, you need to go to the “Jobs for amendment” section and click on the respective job. Then click on the “Submit Amended Job” button.

5.5 A job is considered completed when you receive a notification email from our Quality Supervisors Team. Then the order will be removed from your “Uploaded jobs” or “Jobs for amendment” section and will appear in the “Completed jobs” section of your account.

5.6 An order is not completed, before the Expert receives a completion email from the Quality Supervisors Team. After you submit the order (via email or via the Website), the order is sent for review by the Quality Supervisors Team. The order is NOT considered completed, before you receive a completion email from us.

5.7 In case you have any questions or technical problems uploading/downloading orders or supporting files, you have to contact us immediately. If these problems have occurred and we have not received a timely notice, the Expert will be penalised accordingly and the work will be allocated to another Expert.

5.8 Clause 5.7 also applies in cases when the Expert encounters personal technical faults such as internet problems or computer/software issues. It is the responsibility of the Expert to ensure that that they have regular access to the internet. If a sudden and unexpected failure occurs, you need to notify the Writers Website by phone as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in penalties and possible dismissal.

6. Amendments

6.1 If the Expert submits work which fails to meet the Job description, and the Expert is unable to amend the work within the required timeframe, the Writers Website reserves the right not to pay the Expert for the work. In this case the entire writer’s fee will be paid to the writer who performed the amendments. The same rule applies if the Expert cannot be contacted during the amendment period.

6.2 The Expert needs to be available for amendments/client questions/clarifications on a particular order at least two weeks after the order has been submitted. This period is extended to one month for dissertations and assignments exceeding 8,000 words where feedbacks might take longer to obtain.

6.3 If amendments are requested after the free amendment period has expired, the Expert will be paid additional fee, determined by the Writers Website.

6.4 If amendments are requested within the free amendment period but they exceed the scope of the original job specification, additional fee can be determined at the discretion of the Writers Website.

7. Quality of work expected

7.1 The Expert is expected to follow the quality standards set by the Writers Website.

All work should adhere to the following requirements:

  • Clarity of arguments and structure

  • Excellent use of research methods and resources

  • 2.1 (60 +) or B grade level of academic quality for the academic research articles (the grade is used as a guideline to give the writer a notion of the level of research sought)

  • Presentation and formatting

  • Original and plagiarism-free content

  • Compliance with the citation requirements of the order

7.2 Please note that when you accept to work on a particular order, you agree that you understand the specific requirements of the client for this order. Failure to meet them will result in penalties

7.3   If for any reason, the Expert feels that the Job description is insufficient or misleading, they may request approval from the Management to amend the Job description

More information on the quality standards and the job requirements is available in the Writers Guidelines section of your individual writer’s account.

8. Plagiarism

8.1 In case of plagiarism, you will be removed from our writers’ database and a severe penalty will follow. You will no longer be assigned jobs in the future, regardless of how long you have been with us. Additionally, you will need to pay a plagiarism compensation determined at the discretion of the Writers Website (normally four times the size of the writer’s fee you were offered for the order).

8.2   The Expert undertakes to ensure that no individual academic or non-academic work (excluding the bibliography) shall contain more than 10% unoriginal work (and in the case of a literature reviews or academic reviews, 15% unoriginal work) which percentage shall be deemed to include quotes and bibliographies. In calculating the percentage of plagiarism, consideration shall be given to the use of common terms and accepted colloquialisms.

8.3   Upon request by the Quality Supervisors Team, the expert shall make suitable amendments to any work that contains more than the percentage of plagiarism detailed in the previous courses.

9. Meeting deadlines

9.1 The Writers Website reserves the right to penalize the Expert, in case a deadline has not been met. 50 % of the fee which is to be paid to the Expert will be deducted, if the Expert fails to complete the job on time.

9.2 The Writers Website reserves the right to remove the Expert from a job if they are not communicating with the Company during the period in which the job is to be completed, or they fail to provide necessary updates/drafts

9.2 The Writers Website reserves the right to remove the Expert from a job if they do not adequately demonstrate on request during the period in which he is meant to be performing the Job that the Job is being performed and will be completed prior to the deadline.

9.3 The Expert shall alert the Writers Website at the earliest opportunity if he foresees any problem with meeting the Deadline. In this case only partial penalty will follow (% 40 per cent of the writer’s fee). This applies only 48 hours or LONGER before the final deadline.

9.4 Withdrawal from a project 48 hours or less before the dealine will result in the writer paying withdrawal compensation to Writers Website, amouting to their fee for the whole project, plus additional damages fee determined by the Writers Website. This applies for dissertations and longer projects as well, and intermediary deadlines/milestones. The compensation will be deducted from any upcoming invoices, until cleared, or will be requested from the writer to be paid to the Writers Website separately.

9.5 In clause 9.4 the writer has no right to ask for their account to be closed, or to terminate working for the Writers Website, before the full compensation amount has been paid to the Writers Website.

9.6 The Expert shall be solely responsible for getting the completed Job by the deadline. The Expert acknowledges and agrees that:

(a)            the first submission to the Writers Website is the initial draft, which is subject to a quality review by the Quality Supervisors Team

(b)            the initial draft may be returned to the Expert for amendments.

(c)            all further drafts must be submitted to the Writers Website for review and the final version is the version which the Writers Website confirms is of an appropriate quality for submission. In order to meet the deadline, the Expert must submit the final version to the Writers Website prior to, or exactly to the deadline.

9.7            Any work considered incomplete in the opinion of the Writers Website at the deadline shall be classified as having missed the Deadline and shall be subject to the Deadline Penalty as stated in clause 9.1.

10. Penalties and rewards

Deductions and penalties may occur in the following cases:

10.1 The Writers Website reserves the right to penalize the Expert, in case a deadline has not been met. 50 % of the fee which is to be paid to the Expert will be deducted, if the Expert fails to complete the job on time. For late withdrawal from projects, see section 9.4

10.2 In case of plagiarism, you will be removed from our writers’ database and a severe penalty will follow. You will no longer be assigned jobs in the future, regardless of how long you have been with us. Additionally, you will need to pay a plagiarism compensation determined at the discretion of the Writers Website (normally four times the size of the writer’s fee you were offered for the order).

    1. Failure to comply with academic standards for grammar, punctuation, referencing, structure, or with the standards set by the client – 40 % of your writer’s fee will be deducted.

    1. Lateness with a notice in advance - 40 % of your writer’s fee will be deducted.

    1. Late/Unsatisfactory amendments, or the unavailability of the expert to provide amendments or updates - ALL of your writers fee will be deducted

Bonuses and rewards may be granted in the following cases:

10.6 If you receive more than three positive feedbacks on three separate orders, you get 10% bonus on top of what you have earned during the calendar month

10.7 If you receive more than 5 positive feedbacks from clients, you get 15 % bonus on top of what you have earned during the calendar month.


10.8 If you receive more than 7 positive feedbacks from clients, you get 20% bonus on top of what you have earned during the calendar month.


11. Payments

11.1 The writer’s fee for each order will be specified in the order description.

11.2 The Expert is not obliged to accept the order and refusal to work on a suggested order will not be held against him or her.

11.3 Payments will take place via bank transfer/PayPal at the end of each accounting month (calendar month for all orders), unless specified otherwise by the Writers Website. Up to one week will be allowed for payments to be made. In case there is a change in the payment time allowed, you will be notified. Failure to send us an invoice might result in delay in your payments. Each writer needs to specify the preferred payment method in the forms provided upon admission in the company.

11.4 Payment rates start from £30 per 1000 words, but they may vary depending on assignment specifics.

11.5. The fees for the non-academic and proofreading jobs will be customized and their rates may vary. Similar to the academic jobs, they will be posted on the job board, alongside the job description.

11.6 It is the sole responsibility of the Expert to complete invoices with individual work that was accomplished during the month and send it to the Writers Website at the end of each month (29th or 30th of each month). In some cases, the Expert might be prompted to upload/email the invoice earlier. Template of an invoice is available through our website or emailed upon request.

11.7 Failure to send/upload the invoice on time may result in delays of your payments for which the Writers Website is not liable.


12. Writer ranking and assessments

12.1 In order to keep the good quality of its services, the Writers Website has devised a ranking system of its Experts, based on individual performance on the admission test, in following orders and clients feedback. Experts will be informed about ranking on a regular basis, and once it has been lowered, we reserve the right to require you to perform regular tests.

12.1 Writers Website also reserves the right to perform regular checks on the Experts to keep track on the quality of the services provided by them. If deemed necessary, the Writers Website reserves the right to distribute bimonthly or quarterly assessments. Failure or unwillingness to perform the tests might result in your dismissal. The experts will be informed of these assessments in advance, and sufficient time for preparation will be allowed.

13. Status of the Expert and subcontracting

13.1 The relationship of the Expert to the Writers Website will be that of independent contractor and nothing in this agreement shall render him an employee, worker, agent or partner of the Writers Website and the Expert shall not hold himself out as such.

13.2  This agreement constitutes a contract for the provision of services and not a contract of employment and accordingly the Expert shall be fully responsible for and shall indemnify the Writers Website in respect of:

(a)            any income tax, National Insurance and social security contributions and any other liability, deduction, contribution, assessment or claim arising from or made in connection with the performance of the Services, where the recovery is not prohibited by law. The Expert shall further indemnify the Writers Website against all reasonable costs, expenses and any penalty, fine or interest incurred or payable by the Writers Website in connection with or in consequence of any such liability, deduction, contribution, assessment or claim other than where the latter arise out of the Writers Website's negligence or wilful default;

(b)            any liability arising from any employment-related claim or any claim based on worker status (including reasonable costs and expenses) brought by the Expert or any Substitute against the Company arising out of or in connection with the provision of the Services.

13. 3 During the duration of the agreement, the Expert cannot set up business activities, similar to the services that he or she has provided by Writers Website.

13.4 During the duration of the terms of engagement, the Expert CANNOT outsource the orders assigned to them to other writers/researchers. The Expert cannot sub-contract a sub-party to complete the order assigned to them. Failure to meet this clause may result in penalty paid by the Expert to the Writers Website and/or dismissal.

13.5 For 12 months after the Termination Date of the agreement, the Expert shall

(a)  not solicit or endeavour to entice away from the Writers Website the business or custom of any Client with whom he worked with a view to providing goods or services to that Client in competition with the Business of the Writers Website

13.6 Unless he has been specifically authorised to do so by the Writers Website in writing, the Expert shall not have any authority to incur any expenditure in the name of or for the account of the Writers Website

14. Other activities

14.1            Nothing in this agreement shall prevent the Expert from being engaged, concerned or having any financial interest in any Capacity in any other business, trade, profession or occupation during the Engagement provided that:

(a)            such activity does not cause a breach of any of the Contractor's obligations under this agreement;

(b)            the Expert shall not engage in any such activity if it relates to a business which is similar to or in any way competitive with the Business of the Writers Website

15. Copyrights

15.1 Once the Expert submits a completed order with Writers Website, they relinquish all copyrights for the paper to us (the Writers Website). This rule also applies for the Writing Test some experts were asked to complete during the recruitment process. This means that you are not allowed to re-submit the work, or use it for any other purposes.

15.2 Clause 14.1 applies for those writers, who decide to submit pieces for publication in the Freelance Magazine. The Magazine acts as a board for the promotion of the quality of work of the writers, but in accordance with our confidentiality and privacy policy, the name of the contributors to the magazine will not be disclosed.

Contributing for the Freelance Magazine is on a voluntary basis, and its purposes are not commercial. Therefore, writers are not remunerated if they volunteer for the magazine, and there will be no requirement for the number of articles they need to submit. In return, writers will receive the chance for their work to be viewed by our clients.

15.3 The Expert agrees that the work which they submit to the Freelance Magazine is original and has not been published before.

16. Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Collecting information from you

16.1 In order to add your name to our writer’s database, you might be asked personal information such as name, contact details and payment details. We take the necessary measures to make sure that the information we need is transmitted securely.

16.2 The Writers Website is not responsible for any unauthorised access to your personal information, which is being transmitted via email.

16.3 As an Expert you agree that for some orders you might have to be provided with client's websites or blogs or other information necessary for the completion of the order; you are not to contact the client directly under any circumstances; any queries you might have related with the assignment will be sent to our team of project coordinators; any attempt to contact the client directly will result in your immediate dismissal

16.4 As an Expert you agree that for some orders you will be provided what is regarded as personal data in order to complete the project; in those cases all trade will still takes place through the Writers Website, and matters of commercial nature will be dealt with through the website; you are not allowed to discuss payments, rates, and anything else, related to the conduct of business; any queries which you might have related to that will forwarded to us; any attempt to conduct directly with the client will results in your immediate dismissal, as well as a compensation, whose size will be determined by the Writers Website. The compensation will have to be paid by the Expert to the Writers Website. Any disclosure or abuse of third part personal data from the Expert will autmatically results in a breach of data protection, and the Expert will be liable for legal charges and/or financial compensation paid directly to us. The size of the compensation will be determined by the Writers Website.

Data Protection Policy and GDPR statement 

16.3 We will NEVER share the information you provide, together with other information, with any other company or any other third party, for any purpose.

16.4 If you refer a writer to our company, we will accept that by doing so you have obtained permission from them to provide their details to us, so that we can process their personal details. We will also accept that you have told them who we are and what type of services we provide. In case you want to obtain a copy of the information we keep for you, you can do this by contacting us directly via phone or email. You are free to correct inaccuracies at any time.

16.5 In order to pay you your writers' fee at the end of each month, upon sign up as a writer/researcher/proofreader you may be asked to provide your bank details. Some of you may have to be asked to provide these upon acceptance or after completion of their first order.

16.6 We store our writers’ details to make sure their payments are processed at the end of each accounting month.

16.7 GDPR and Your Data

In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force 25th May 2018, we would like to inform you that we are only keeping in our records the information necessary to allocate work to you (your CV, contact details and researcher profile which you can access through your accounts), and information necessary to process your payments (your monthly invoices and payment details). All approved writers can update and modify their writers’ accounts through the website, at any time.

Bear in mind we have a set retention period for invoices, which we need to keep for our own accounting records.

We have a retention period for your completed academic writing tests, for the approved writers. We use it in order to make sure your profiles with us are updated, and for the initial allocation of work to you.

We also have a retention period for CVs of applicants that have applied through the website or via email but their applications are still pending, so that we can consider them in the future, if they have not been approved the first time.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will be asked for proof ID, which will be used only to verify your identity, after which it will be destroyed.

Should you wish to terminate your account with us and no longer be contacted for jobs, please send us an email, and this will be done.


Cookies and data collection


16.8 The Writers Website uses cookies which help us determine how many people visit our website, and what types of services they are interested in. The cookies help us identify the IP address of your computer. They help us confirm your identity when you log into our website, and they help us determine how many people are online. Cookies help us collect non-statistical information about your activities on the website. We will use this information only for purposes which are related to marketing or administration, and only with your own consent. It will not be passed to other companies under no circumstances.

16.9 Through your internet browser you can set your computer whether to accept cookies or not. This option can be activated via the tools section of your browser. If you refuse a cookie it may prevent the proper operation of the site or even prevent your access to certain areas. The customer login area, for example, relies on cookies to help identify you, and to identify if you are logged in or logged out at any time.

Links to other websites

16.10 We may post links to other websites on the Writers Website, but we are not responsible for the content, the privacy and the security of these websites. Our privacy policy applies only to the Writers Website (www.writerswebsite.co.uk) and we are not responsible if your details are unprotected while visiting any of these sites.

17. Entire agreement and previous contracts

17.1            Each party on behalf of itself (and, in the case New Research Solutions Ltd, as agent for any Group Companies) acknowledges and agrees with the other party (New Research Solutions Ltd. acting on behalf of itself and as agent for each Group Company) that:

(a)            this agreement together with any documents referred to in it constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the Expert and the Writers Website and any Group Company and supersedes any previous arrangement, understanding or agreement between them relating to the Engagement (which shall be deemed to have been terminated by mutual consent)

(b)            in entering into this agreement neither party nor any Group Company has relied on any Pre-Contractual Statement; and

(c)            each party agrees that the only rights and remedies available to it or arising out of or in connection with any Pre-Contractual Statement shall be for breach of contract. Nothing in this agreement shall, however, limit or exclude any liability for fraud.

17.2            Except as expressly provided elsewhere in this agreement a person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this agreement but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists, or is available, apart from under that Act.

17.3            The rights of the parties to terminate, rescind or agree any variation, waiver or settlement under this agreement are not subject to the consent of any person that is not a party to this agreement.


17.4            This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

17.5            The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

 Entry into this agreement

17.6            By providing Services to the Writers Website, you agree to be bound by the provisions of this agreement as does the Writers Website.

17.7            For the purposes of identifying the date on which you entered into this agreement, such date shall be the date on which you first provided Services to the Writers Website.

For the clients

1.       As a client you agree that all payment is collected in advance and should be paid upon the receipt of invoice from the company

2.       For most orders we allow seven days of amendment period, after which additional charges will have to be incurred

3.       In some cases you might have to communicate with the Expert directly. In those cases you agree that any communication will be strictly confidential, and related to the specifics of the order only; any attempt to conduct business directly with the writer will result in the immediate termination of your project, without any refund; it might also result in a compensation to be paid to the Writers Website, and its size will be determined by the company

4.       If in the course of work with a particular writer you are approached by the writer with the suggestion for conducting business directly, you agree to notify us immediately so that we can take action

5.       You agree that you cannot cancel the order once work on the order has started

6.       Refunds are offered only in those circumstances, where you have evidence that the work delivered did not meet your initial specification

7.       Refunds will not be given if you did not provide timely feedback, and you will did not ask for amendments during your free amendment period

8.       Refunds will not be given if the quality of the order was compromised by lack of information or clear guidelines on client’s behalf

9.       If in the course of work you change the scope of the order and the initial specifications, thus resulting in extra work, additional charges will be incurred

10.   All prices are individual, and based on the complexity and the scope of the order; you agree that for urgent orders (which need to be delivered within two-three days) you will be charged extra

11.   Prices are subject to change

12.   You agree that sometimes the delivery might result in delays, related to technical or organisational problems; in those rare circumstances we will give you reasonable notice

13.   We are not liable for delays in delivery, caused by the client’s inability to provide necessary information on time, or where the information provided by the client has been inaccurate

14.   The delivery of all completed work will take place via email; it is the responsibility of the client to notify us should any problems with the delivery of their order have taken place

15. GDPR statement : In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25 May, 2018, we would like to ensure you that we do not keep any personal data from you, and you should not be required to provide, or provide, any, as part of the services we provide. In rare cases when such data is required for the completion of a content writing project - personal blog, website, etc, non-disclosure agreement will be required from the researcher. We do keep our client invoices for a set period of time, for business and accounting purposes, and to be able to maintain our own records. 


New Research Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, when deemed necessary.