Student Jobs

Writers Website recruits student writers to work on freelance academic and non-academic projects. There are many talented student writers/researchers, and there is nothing more pleasurable than earning money while writing on topics that you have covered in your classes! The Writers Website gives you the opportunity to practise your university research skills and turn them into a source of income!

The benefits

Being a student writer gives you the incredible opportunity to put into practice what you learn in theory. Many students feel that the knowledge they obtain during their course of education is theoretical and abstract. With the Writers Website you can learn while you get paid. Our writing projects will help you use your academic knowledge to the best of your advantage. You might be asked to work on different writing/research assignments, which vary in length and themes. This will help you become even more prepared for your own exams and coursework assignments.

The requirements

In order to become a student writer, you need to have excellent research and writing skills, and knowledge of common citation styles. Also, you need to be aware of anti-plagiarism rules and have access to library or research database. But most of all, you need to have passion for writing and genuine interest in researching new subjects! You have to be devoted, and able to meet deadlines.