Proofreading is an essential requirement for providing high quality content in any field or industry sector. As an activity, it requires great command of the language, excellent knowledge of the specific industry and remarkable attention to detail. It also requires the ability to detect errors quickly and efficiently, and to make sure the amendments match the writing style of the original author.

The Writers Website provides top quality proofreaders, to help improve any piece of written work. We recruit experts in proofreading and academic edit. As a proofreader, you might be asked to perform primary edit, such as grammar and revision, secondary edit, such as revision of resources, structure and comments, or tertiary edit, which involves extensive changes in layout and content. We sometimes need our proofreaders to work on texts with high plagiarism percent. As a proofreader, you might have a specific academic or research discipline, but you can also be flexible and able to proofread across several disciplines. You might be equally experienced working with academic, as well as non-academic texts.

For our clients we can provide proofreaders in any industry or field. Whether your work needs basic proofreading or thorough revision – we can help you improve it. For more information visit our Clients section.

If you want to work as a freelance proofreader for the Writers Website and you meet the above requirements, Apply Now and we will get in touch with you shortly.