Non - academic Jobs

The Writers Website offers a wide variety of non-academic writing jobs. We believe that writing is a talent, but it is also an industry, which can be competitive and versatile. Even the most skilled writers find it hard to get sufficient online exposure and promotion for their services.

We recruit medical, business, legal and political writers, to produce content for different purposes. We outsource writers to produce political research, business analysis, web content and SEO, and articles for creative publications. These might include book and movie reviews, or magazine articles for leisure and entertainment. We recruit and outsource non-academic writers for print, as well as online editions. For more information on the type of writers we recruit, click here.

The benefits

The wide variety of fields that we recruit writers for can give you the chance not only for good earnings, but also, for building an excellent freelancer’s profile. With a non-academic assignment, you always have the chance to improve your writing skills, and stretch your areas of expertise. It can also help you gain knowledge in different areas, or become an expert in your own field.

The requirements

In order to receive work as a non-academic writer, you need to possess creativity, imagination and punctuality. Freelancing is a competitive field, regardless of whether you are a technical writer or a medical researcher. Most of our clients are looking for a tailored, individual approach to their projects, and originality is always what counts the most. Also, personal reliability and the ability to work under pressure are important. And of course – flawless writing and research skills, as well as expert knowledge of your research sector are crucial.