Legal Writer

The Writers Website has a legal writers’ team which specialises in providing legal research and analysis. We provide assistance for law firms or individual practitioners, who need professionally written content on different legal topics. Our legal writers specialise in drafting documentation, cases, legal profiles, brochures, court documents on request.

If you are a client, and you need expert legal research or assistance with your case or publication, we can allocate a legal researcher to give you a hand. For more information visit our Clients section.

In order to become a legal writer, you need a good law degree from a reputable university and experience in legal research. You also need to have good command of legal terminology and know the specifics of your legal disciplines. We need writers in every legal field such as Family Law, Public Law, International Law, European Union Law, Constitutional law, Criminal Law, etc.

If you think you meet these requirements, Apply Now, and we will be in touch with you shortly.