Tips for Freelance Writers


How to do research

Researching your work well is the most important prerequisite for providing quality written content. Research is often a challenge, especially if you have unlimited access to resources and expert knowledge on the topic. The most important tip for conducting proper research is to organise your thoughts and select your resources accordingly.

First of all – make sure you know the topic well, that you understand your research question and your target audience. Collect as much background for the purposes of your text as possible. Then select your resources carefully. For example if you are researching a concept which has evolved over time and is complex, make sure you select a variety of resources, published throughout the years. This will help you present your readers with a view of how this concept has evolved over time. If you are researching a topic which is narrow, precise and concentrates on a particular event for example, make sure that you select up-to-date resources, which are factual, informative and succinct. Always make sure to select legitimate resources and do not rely on general reference websites. Make sure your resources are relevant to the topic that you want to cover, and serve right to defend your arguments.

How to produce top quality content

Writers Website provides top quality content for its clients, therefore we are very demanding about the quality of the work we receive from our writers. Here are several simple tips on how to produce good written content.

Plan your work. Always make sure that you have a clear outline of what you will be writing about, and that you are well aware of the controversies, related to your topic. Research carefully, and organise your thoughts. Make sure that you are well aware of the requirements of the client, and the specifics of the target audience.

Organise your thoughts and sketch your arguments very carefully. Make sure your paragraphs are clear and enough evidence is provided for each and every paragraph statement.

Manage your time and never underestimate a project. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Never leave a paper for the last moment, even if you are confident about it.

Always proofread. Even the best writers need to proofread their own work. The reason is that while you are involved in the process of writing, you do not always see the errors. The best thing to do is when you finish a piece, leave it for a little while and take a rest. Go back to it the following day and read it again. Always make sure that you have met the client requirements for style, structure and that you refer to the guidelines provided by the Writers Website.

How to write efficiently under pressure

Writing under pressure is unavoidable part of being a writer. Many of you often have to make sure they write well, handling the pressure of approaching deadline. Writing under pressure works different for different people. Some of us respond well to limits and the proximity of a deadline is a motivation, rather than a challenge. For others, time pressure can be a crippling experience and they often find it impossible to meet the necessary requirements within the time limit, even if they are experts on the topic. If you are the second type of writer, then divide the work into small portions. Make sure you have finished one portion before you proceed with the rest. Do not attempt to work on several ideas/paragraphs at the same time – it will only make you confused and in the end you will panic. Be goal-oriented and try to stay focused.

How to establish professional work environment

For every writer, having their own work environment is important. It can be comforting to know you have your own little place to write and research your projects. Make sure that this place is quiet and cosy. Having the right atmosphere can be an important enough condition for the quality of work you produce. When you choose a flat or a house, make sure it is not noisy and most importantly – that you feel at home there.

How to manage your time as a writer

Time management is crucial for your success as a freelance writer. Having a flexible schedule, you might find it hard to manage several projects at a time and to respond to tight deadlines. Therefore it is very important to plan your schedule for the week. Make sure you know your limits and do not accept working on a project if you are not entirely sure that you will manage in terms of time. Divide the work in small portions, and make sure you complete each portion at a time. Even if you are a multi-tasker, without a clear plan or weekly strategy, you are likely to feel pressured and unproductive at the end of a busy week. Remember to take little breaks when you write, especially when you feel you are running out of words or ideas.

How to connect with other writers

Establishing good connections with other writers is a useful way to begin or improve your career as a freelancer. At first sight freelancing might seem to be a lonely business, but there is a social side of it. Search for online writers’ communities and use the social media to connect with others from your field. Make sure you follow your fellows’ work online, comment on their blog posts or website publications, and post comments in online forums or writers’ chat rooms. Start attending local writing events and seminars, and do not hesitate to exchange contact details.

How to advertise your work

Advertising is a key prerequisite for selling your work as a writer. An idea does not exist until it is shared with others. As a freelance writer, you need to look for any possible way to expose your work. First of all, make sure you make good use of the social media. Create your social media pages and make them look presentable. Also, work hard on your blog and personal website. Make sure they are updated and their content is enticing and catchy. We know how difficult it is for many writers to get exposure of their services. Therefore our main purpose is to bring you closer to as many clients as possible. For more information on the benefits of joining us, visit the Why choose us section.