eBook for Content Marketing

eBook for content marketing and brand awareness

eBooks have gained momentum as a fantastic content marketing tool and a lead magnet.

A well-written eBook can add tremendous value to your brand and can benefit those who are interested in what you do. Because it is longer than other forms of content, the eBook gives you a better opportunity to keep your audience actively informed.

Apart from using the eBook as a lead generator, it can work as a revenue source on its own, or as part of an overall content marketing strategy.

Our team of expert writers offer professionally written eBooks from start to finish, whether you need an eBook for content marketing purposes, or as a stand-alone project.

  • We can handle eBooks with different volume, from 2,000 words up to 30,000 words or more. 
  • We can help with Adobe InDesign and illustrations.
  • Amendment period included, scheduled delivery and revision chapter by chapter.
  • Quick turnaround
  • You retain 100% of copyrights after you purchase and place your order, and you are free to make design and content changes.


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