Why Choose Us


Excellent pay rates

The Writers Website offers excellent rates for its writers. We believe that talent and hard work should be rewarded. Pay is an important incentive for many freelance writers, and therefore we reward our writers for their effort and hard work. Working in our team can be a gratifying experience, because we offer competitive rates to our writers, and we believe that reward builds genuine motivation and incentive for work. In Writers Website we praise competence, talent and hard work. If you are a capable writer, and you are able to produce high quality written work under tight deadlines, meeting all the requirements, than you will be rewarded with higher rates. We also have a range of bonuses for those of you who have shown dedication and consistent effort. For more information on our prices, check the Rules and Regulations section in your individual writer’s account.


Great professional experience

Working for the Writers Website is a rewarding experience. Whether you are an academic or non-academic writer, you will find yourself working on exciting projects, and expanding your views and skills in one field or many. Working with the Writers Website will give you the opportunity to grow as a writer, and add a valuable asset to your CV and to your writers’ portfolio.

Good relationships with organisations from different fields

We have good relationships with established organisations and clients from different fields. We liaise with clients to make sure that our writers get the best exposure possible. We believe that our strong and trusted relationship with clients will bring our writers a great opportunity to show their talents and expertise.

Writers’ support via email and phone

We offer seven days a week writers’ support via email and phone. We make sure that while you are working on an order,  no questions remain unanswered. Even if you are not currently working on an order, we are always there to answer your questions. We make sure that you receive regular updates and most importantly – email alerts about available jobs. This way you can follow what is available on our job board even if you are not in front of your computer.

Accessible website built entirely in favour of the writers

Our website is easy to use and accessible. Every writer has an individual account, where they can keep track of available jobs, jobs for amendments,  or jobs they are interested in. As a researcher, you will also have access to some tips on writing and citation, as well as some anti-plagiarism techniques.

Wide availability of jobs

We offer a wide availability of academic and non-academic jobs. Our sales experts work hard to connect with clients, in order to keep the writers busy. We try to expand our services, and offer available jobs in as many fields as possible. Log into your writer’s account regularly and indicate interest in the jobs you want. The more often you log in and follow jobs, the higher the chances that you will be assigned to work on a project.

Regular notifications for new jobs

In order to keep our writers updated, we send regular notifications for available jobs to prompt you to log into your writer’s account and check the order description. If the order suits your expectations and you are available to work on it, all you have to do is indicate interest. We will also send you regular email updates about completed jobs and jobs for amendment.

The Freelance Magazine

We created this feature to give the chance to our dedicated writers to show a sample of their work. If you are an approved academic or non-academic writer, you are more than welcome to submit weekly or daily articles on topics which you find interesting. You can write short informative pieces, or research articles and commentaries. When it comes to our weekly topics - the sky is the limit! We will publish anything from current affairs, politics, economics, society and international institutions, to literature, the arts and popular culture. You can write on current events or analyse ongoing topics – anything which inspires you or you consider important, as long as it is original and it has not been published before.

The idea behind the Freelance Magazine is simple – we want you to get noticed! Writing for the Freelance Magazine will give you the chance to show your work to our clients, and get the best exposure possible. Remember – the better exposed you are, the higher the chance that you are assigned to work on a project!

For more information on the format and requirements of the articles, email us at writers@writerswebsite.co.uk