Career as a freelancer


Working for the Writers Website

The Writers Website is a wonderful place to begin or enhance your career as a freelance writer, researcher or proofreader. We take pride in our services and we believe in the ability and talents of our writers. We appreciate their determination to show their best to the clients that we serve. The Writers Website is designed entirely in favour of writers. The idea is to make your talent and skills sellable and exposed. Therefore we have done our best to make sure that working for the Writers Website is a rewarding and enriching experience for each one of you.

Unlimited field for improvement

The types of jobs that we offer allow unlimited field for improvement. Whether you have signed up as an academic, non-academic writer or proofreader, we always aim to offer a wide variety of jobs and projects. We expect you to take each project you are assigned as an opportunity to improve your skills. The Writers Website was established not only as a provider of freelance jobs. It is also the source of support and knowledge on how to develop your career and your skills as a writer. We offer individual quality supervisors review for each order that you submit, and we will often ask for amendments, based on the feedback we give you. The reason is simple – we believe in persistence, and we know that constant improvement is the road to success. We cherish the communication with our writers, and therefore we have created online feedback facility for all approved writers. You will be able to share your thoughts on what you like and what still needs to be improved.

Control your workload

One of the best advantages of working for the Writers Website is that you can control your own workload. Unlike other websites, we do not have a minimum number of jobs that we will require you to complete each week or month. Our policy is very simple – we show you what is on offer, and you decide whether to go for it. The more you write of course, the more projects you will be assigned in the future.

No limit for earning

There is no limit of how much you can earn per month or week with the Writers Website. Working on a freelance basis is about flexibility, and there is no restriction on the amount of jobs which you can be assigned within a given month. The only condition is that you complete them to the desired standard, and that you know how far your capacity as a writer stretches.