How to become a Freelance Writer

Research the market and your opportunities

Freelancing is a competitive field and a good research of the market and the competition is crucial for your start. Explore your opportunities well, and assess the challenges of the freelance market. Learn the specifics of your particular field, and find out how you can expand. Do not be afraid to explore new fields and to experiment with marketing techniques. Make sure you know what is on demand, and what sort of skills are preferred by potential clients. 

Make the most of the internet

Make the most if the internet to market your services. The more exposed you are, the higher the chances you will find the project that you are looking for. The internet is a wonderful marketing tool and these days it is a way to get your work exposed. Make use of social media and blogs to promote your services.

Join writers’ communities

Join online writers’ communities and communicate with others in your field on a regular basis. Getting updates and exchanging ideas can be very useful and enlightening. There is a social side to freelancing and it is incredible how many things you can learn from others. Gaining experience and making a name is not always about expertise – sometimes personal contacts can be a resourceful way of growing as a freelancer. 

Learn how to manage your income and taxes

Once you have embarked on a career as a freelancer, make sure you know how to manage your taxes and personal income. As a freelancer, you will most probably be self-employed and you will have the responsibility for keeping your books in order and up-to-date.

Be flexible, but well-organised

Working as a freelance writer or researcher means your schedule will be flexible. While you will not have fixed working hours, at certain times you will find yourself busier than other people. This requires good time management. Be prepared to react quickly, because you never know when a suitable project can come up. Try to submit your work as early as possible, so that you don’t miss out on good offers when they pop up, just because you are still busy with an unfinished project.