Academic Jobs

We offer a variety of academic jobs, related to research and academic assistance across all disciplines. Some of our clients need academic guidelines on how to structure a paper or a presentation, or how to improve their writing style. From university students to professionals, we engage our writers in academic writing jobs, which help others to improve their research and study skills and meet the challenges of academic writing.

We recruit people with strong academic background, and excellent writing skills, who enjoy the depth of academic knowledge. Whether you want to pursue career in research or simply to put your academic skills into practice, our academic writing jobs present you with a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and grow as a writer.

The benefits

The academic writing jobs will allow you to earn money while doing what you simply enjoy. Academic writing can also be very intensive and an excellent way to keep updated about your favourite subjects, latest developments and publications in your research area.

You can choose your working hours and control the volume of your work. Most importantly, you can choose your own projects!

The requirements

The academic writing jobs can be intensive, because they require the ability to critically approach academic literature, and to apply a variety of research techniques in specific contexts. The main requirements are excellent research and writing skills, ability to develop and defend your arguments, knowledge of common referencing styles and the ability to select high quality academic resources. In order to produce enticing and persuasive academic content, you also need to be able to approach the theme subject critically and with a sense of originality.