About us

We are a London-based content writing platform, which specialises in marketing, business, legal, technical, medical and other types of content. 

We select the most qualified writers/researchers to match individual client and industry specifics.

Whether you are looking to hire a content writer or researcher, we are here to make sure that the delivery of the project is smooth, and the results are excellent.

We provide the following content types:

  • Marketing and SEO content 
  • Website content 
  • Academic content 
  • Policy briefs and policy reports, industry reports
  • Legal content 
  • Medical and pharmaceutical content
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Business plans

Our writers

We take immense pride in our writers. They are individually recruited, and all candidates need to pass assessments to become part of our team.

Our writers are experts in their respective fields and when we select them, we look for a certain set of skills such as experience and the ability to deliver under tight deadlines. 

We have researchers and copywriters internationally, but most of them are located in the UK.

Before we submit any work to you, it is reviewed by our Quality Team to make sure that the content meets your requirements.

How does it work?

The evaluation. We evaluate your project and your needs. We recommend the best strategy for the completion of your project.

The allocation. We select and allocate the researcher or researchers who will be working on your project. Our strength lies in our ability to match the right researchers with our clients.

The delivery. We deliver the complete work, and we assist with amendments and revisions.